Industry 4.0

HPS has introduced real-time data management, smart manufacturing and interconnectivity to develop a more holistic approach to the mining industry. HPS adopts a philosophy of Industry 4.0 by incorporating smart technology, autonomous mining, intelligent asset tracking and user monitoring.

The supply chain to all our products are essential to HPS’s success. We ensure that quality materials are used in manufacturing our equipment and that our suppliers and staff are aware of the high standards that they must uphold. HPS is at the forefront of digital transformation where we use world class technology in the manufacturing process of HPS systems.

All HPS systems are designed to adapt to different underground conditions in mining. The Hydrovessel is a compact drilling system that is modular with exceptional positional efficiency. HPS is driven by performance, strategically placing workshops on the premises to constantly monitor and train operators to warrant safe and effective mining. Therefore, HPS systems and users are connected giving live results leading to strengthening the H.I.V.E effect.

HPS guarantees fast and reliable service that is cost effective, increase profitability, boost crew morale and enhance the customers experience. This will ultimately magnify the value HPS add to clientele connections.

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