E50 Long Hole Rig

HPS offers an electric powered drill rig solution that replaces the current conventional S36 development method in underground operations. The LHR E50 is a one-of-a-kind drill rig that will increase production safely, incorporating the latest control technology currently available in the world. With low noise levels, no
oil contamination and zero compressed air required, the LHR E50 is an environmentally friendly drilling system.

The LHR E50 is the only rig that uses the Wassara down the hole hammer technology. The high level of drilling accuracy with the rig reduces the operating cost to the end user. Hole diameter’s ranges from 60mm to 127mm and can drill a hole up to 200 meters accurately. The rate of penetration (ROP) of the
E50 drill rig measured at 0,5 meter per minute with a deflection of less than 1%.


  • Drop raising
  • Drain holes
  • Cover drilling

HPS, distributors of DTH water-powered hammers.

Explore more at www.wassara.com

Key benefits with Wassara:
• Good hole quality
• Low noise emissions
• High Rate of Penetration (ROP) • Straight holes, low deviation
• Low energy consumption
• Good working environment
• Safer drilling in sensitive formations