Hydrovessel 360

The HV360 Hydrovessel drilling system is a complete system, replacing conventional compressed air drilling systems, which allows for consistently fast drilled blast- and support holes.

The Hydrovessel was developed for Hydropower handheld drilling and offers excellent positional and energy efficiency, when used with the suitable ancillary equipment.

Only rockdrills designed to be operated at high pressures, 16MPa to 18MPa, should be used as these equipment uses less water flow and is the most energy efficient.

No special excavation is required for the pumping system or water recirculation storage.

Rockdrill exhaust water can be recirculated in a closed loop manner, directly into the suction of the pump. Water handling reticulation to the x-cut and storage is thus not required.


  • It’s a compact system, which fits a complete drilling system on one material car.
  • Modular system with exceptional positional efficiency.
  • The HV360 will generate pressure and flow to drive up to five water hydraulics rock drills simultaneous.


  • 20 holes drilled per rockdrill per hour.
  • 30 metre panel cleaned within two hours using face scraper assisted waterjetting.
  • Reduce exposure period in mining environment
  • Increase production 
  • 360 l/m.


  • No compressed air required.
  • No special excavation required.
  • No high-pressure steel pipes required.
  • No steel pipes in stope.
  • Single flexible hose instope only.
  • Drilling and waterjetting can be done with this system.
  • One shift installation.
  • Existing electrical and water supply used.
  • On the job training.
  • Simple maintenance.
  • Conventional mining crew.