HPS offer the high-pressure low flow waterjet system, typically used in hydropower mines. This is powered by the HV212 or HV135, and is the most efficient waterjet cleaning system for underground mining operations. It operates at 180 bar with a flow of 130 l/m.

We also offer the stope washer waterjet system. It is used as a primary cleaning system or as face scraper assisted waterjet cleaning, depending on the application. This is a lower pressure system (100bar) with a bit more flow (150l/m). This unit is also used for sweepings and vamping, backfill pipe cleaning, shaft bottom cleaning, dam cleaning, silo cleaning etc.


  • Dimensions: L 1.5m x W 0.8m x H 0.6m x W 450Kg.
  • Water quality: Mine service water.
  • Water requirement: 150 litres per minute @ 4 Bar, 50mm supply.

Electricity usage:

  • 525Volt, 60 Amps.
  • Operating distance: up to 120m.


  • Compact system in durable galvanised casing.
  • Skid type casing with rigging points.
  • Modular system with exceptional positional efficiency.
  • Easily accessible internals for simplified maintenance.
  • External electrical panel.


  • A perfect balance between flow and pressure results in reduction of 30% water usage during waterjetting, compared to conventional waterjet systems.
  • The auto stop/start feature ensures that no water is used when the jetting gun is switched off, further reducing the waste of water and electricity.
  • The soft stop/start jetting gun with the auto stop/start feature, ensures safe and efficient operation.


  • Face scraper assisted waterjetting – 85 tons/hour.
  • Sweepings Platinum, 7 lines per shift @ 300mm.