Orepass Development

The HV80 Hydrovessel drilling system is a complete support drilling system, replacing conventional compressed air drilling systems, which allows for consistent fast penetration rate.


  • Dimensions: L 1.5m x W 0.8m x H 0.6m x W 450Kg.
  • Water quality: Mine service water.
  • Water requirement: 80 litres per minute @ 4 Bar, 50mm supply.

Electricity usage:

  • 525Volt, 43 Amps.
  • Installation Position: As required.
  • Operating distance: up to 120m.


  • Compact system, fits complete drilling system on one material car.
  • Modular system with exceptional positional efficiency.


  • No compressed air required.
  • No special excavation required.
  • No high-pressure steel pipes.
  • One shift installation.
  • Single flexible hose only.
  • Existing electrical and water supply used.
  • On the job training.
  • Simple maintenance.
  • Conventional support crew.
  • Reduced operator fatigue allows for better support installation and accurate drilling.
  • Planned maintenance allows 100% system availability, guaranteed and sustained.
  • Cool environment.
  • No fogging.
  • Reduced noise levels.
  • One rockdrill operation.


  • Holes of up to 52 mm diameter and 9 metres in length are drilled within 30 minutes.