Jetting Gun

The water jetting gun is powered by high pressure water and is used to clean blasted rock from the working area using a focused high velocity water jet.

The reaction of the jet on the rock is used to move it to a gully or into a scraper path. It is occasionally also used in barring or scaling broken rock. The reaction force of the jet is high (type 30kg or more) and the water jet velocity can be over 100m/s at flow rates in excess of 2 l/s.

The main reason for using a jet gun:

  • Quicker cleaning resulting in fewer lost blasts.
  • Less labour required and easier cleaning.
  • Less sweeping.
  • Better width control.


  • Nominal Operating Pressure: 16MPa.
  • Nominal flow rate: 2.1L/s.
  • Orifice Size: 4MM Diameter.
  • Control Valve: Poppet Valve with separate safety catch.
  • Inlet connection: NW20 Female Staple lock.
  • Overall length: 824mm.
  • Weight: 4.9kg.