Hydro powered stope roofbolters are designed for drilling and installation of roofbolts in narrow stopes (up to 2m width) and in dips up to 35 deg using rock drills.

The rigs do not use drillsteel guides as the holes are fairly short and they interfere with installing roofbolts (especially with end-plates).

Staker cylinders may not be required on shallow dipping reefs (below 5 deg). They are however recommended for all other dip angles for safety reasons.

The use of a remote control is generally recommended and required by mine rock engineering depts.


  • Drill and feed movement: Remote control or controls mounted on carriage.
  • Staking against hanging wall: Remote control or controls mounted on carriage.
  • Feed stroke: Typ 0.4m to 1.0m.
  • Height: 1.6m.
  • Mass (feed & drill, excl drillsteel & hoses): 75kg.
  • Mass (Carriage): 50kg.